The NY Times makes a new argument against Senator Rubio

For the record, I have not endorsed a candidate for the GOP nomination.   With all due respect to my friends who support Senator Rubio or Senator Cruz (“los cubanos”), I prefer governors for president.   I think that a governor has more appropriate experience for the presidency.

Nevertheless, let me come to Senator Rubio’s defense from another article by The New York Times……who else?

Maybe the folks at The New York Tmes think that Marco can beat Hillary.   Yes he can, according to a series of polls.   Rubio beats Clinton in the RCP average of polls: he is up 2!

The New York Times is now saying that Senator Rubio is like then Senator Obama of 2008.

The article calls him “The Republican Obama”.

In other words, the self appointed newspaper of record has discovered that experience matters in a presidential candidate.

Of course, the analysis is silly because Marco Rubio got to the US Senate with more political experience:   Rubio started as a City Commissioner for West Miami before being elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2000, and then Speaker in November 2006.

He had successfully served in the Florida legislature whereas Obama was a State Senator of a safe Democrat district, the home of a loudmouth reverend and 1960’s terrorist.

Also, Senator Rubio has developed a reputation as a serious person on foreign policy.   Does anyone remember anything that Senator Obama did in Washington or Springfield, Illinois?

Wonder if The NY Times’ editorial page will post that endorsing first term Senator Obama with zero executive experience was a mistake?   They should after questioning Senator Rubio’s experience for president.

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