Maybe Hillary should call Bernie her “93% amigo socialista”

Over the last few days, many Democrats have expressed concerns about Senator Sanders. They are basically saying that Bernie Sanders is a socialist and not electable, as we heard from Senator McCaskill.

Nevertheless, are they really that different? Here are the voting records, according to Derek Willis:

“Hillary Rodham Clinton is a liberal Democrat on domestic matters, and Bernie Sanders is a socialist. They voted the same way 93 percent of the time in the two years they shared in the Senate.

In fact, from January 2007 to January 2009, Mrs. Clinton, representing New York, voted with Mr. Sanders about as often as she did with the like-minded Democrats Ron Wyden of Oregon and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland.”

So what is the difference between them? Not much! 93% is a pretty big number.

To be fair, this is only a 2 year sample but let me repeat that 93% is a big number.

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