Santos should switch parties

From drag queen allegations to resume enhancements to this or that, Representative George Santos has a little explaining to do.  According to news reports, the list keeps growing:   

Newly elected Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., is facing a host of questions: He’s accused of faking his résumé and the circumstances of his mother’s death along with having questionable campaign finances reporting and allegations of pilfering from a fundraising campaign for a dying dog, among other things.

He has acknowledged embellishing his educational background and job history, but has denied most of the other allegations, even as he was sworn in for his new House post this month.

The allegations have sparked multiple demands for his resignation, as well as at least two investigations and calls for additional probes. Santos, 34, has repeatedly said he will not resign.

Santos should switch parties and no one will ask him to resign.  Let me explain:

  1. It won’t impact the House majority.  The GOP has the numbers and the Dems need a legislator to go “drag queen” for the teachers’ union;
  2. He can join the king of all résumé enhancers, President Biden.  They call him “the fabulist in chief” and there is a video to prove it;
  3. He can ask Senator Elizabeth Warren what it’s like to lie about your past; and;
  4. There is always Senator Richard Blumenthal who can explain how to stop media questions about the Vietnam War he did not serve in.

Easy as 1-2-3.  Flip parties and the whole thing will disappear in a New York minute!  Representative Santos will fill right at home on the other side. Santos to Democrats for a player not to be named later and let’s move on from this distraction.

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