Say thanks and remember San Givin likes yuca with the meal

It’s Thanksgiving and time for “the wokies” to bring up white supremacy along with more about “the stolen land” theories. It’s also a day to remember our stories and how we have a lot to say thanks about.. Our family didn’t suffer like the Pilgrims or survive a long winter, but it was not easy for my dad with two jobs, my mom counting every dollar, and making ends meet somehow. 

How did they keep so many balls in the air?

We used to have a lot of conversations about Thanksgiving in those early days.  It was a completely new holiday for us.  I learned the details watching turkey posters in school and hearing kids talk about Pilgrims.

My father once said something really good, and it gets better age. He reminded me that the Pilgrims said thanks to God for surviving a rough start.  That’s all you have to remember about this holiday he would repeat every time the topic came up.  Everything else, from eating turkey to whether it happened in winter or spring, is just a detail.  

That’s right. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and counting your blessings.  Everything else is fun but inconsequential.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving Day and give thanks for all you have.  In our case, a new grandson who turned six months this week and a 91-year-old mom who has not lost a step after all these years.  And we live in the U.S. where we can be free in so many ways.

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