Selective indignation and a few other thoughts about the Trump bashing in Hollywood


Two weeks of President Trump and Hollywood is just getting started, as Andrea Peyser is reporting:

This awards season is just getting revved up.
And already, the entertainment-industrial complex, dominated by self-congratulatory leftists, hard-core exhibitionists and gazillionaires and -airesses, some in get-ups that would set back ordinary Joes or Janes a year’s worth of rent money, have issued a collective punch to the guts of folks at home.

No longer is it about inspiring the masses with exceptional talent and artistic beauty. It’s all Trump-bashing, all the time.

How much longer will the advertisers put up with this?   After all, do people really turn in to watch a bunch of actors give us their political opinions?

Also, their selective indignation is amazing.  Did you hear anyone protest about the Cubans that President Obama shut out of the US? Or what about all of those women and children killed by ISIS?

Yes, I understand that it’s a free country and they can believe whatever they want to believe.   However, they should all buy their own time and tell us where they stand.   It’s not proper to use an awards show to do the latest bashing of a Republican president.

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