“Las 5 mentiras de” ObamaCare

Step back for a minute and think of this scenario.

Imagine a private sector company releasing a new product or service based on so much faulty information?

Imagine story after story of potential customers not able to enroll because of computer errors?

What would happen to the executives of that company?  At the very least, they’d be fired by the CEO after the owners or shareholders rioted at the company headquarters.

What about the customers?  They’d be lining up for one gigantic class action lawsuit!

What about the media?  They’d be running 24/7 stories of another company taking advantage of customers.

What about the Democrats?  They’d be calling for new regulations or an investigation.  They’d bring the executives of the company to a congressional hearing for explanations.

Obama Care is more than “computer glitches”.  It is a massive scam based on promises that will never be kept.

Scott Johnson of Power Line is one of my favorite pundits and today’s post is right on target:

“Deception #1: universal coverage

Deception #2: no new taxes on the middle class

Deception #3: annual premium savings of $2,500

Deception #4: no increase in the deficit

Deception #5: you can keep your plan if you like it”

There is something very wrong in this picture.

We were promised that “everyone would be covered”, “no new taxes except for those on the evil rich”, affordable premiums, no impact in the deficit and that you could keep your current plan.

None of that is true.   “Mentira”, “mentira” and more “mentiras”

And did I tell you that the computer system cost $634 million?

By the way, who got that contract?    Did they happen to make a nice contribution to the Obama campaign?

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