Some good numbers for Hispanics and President Trump

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We were happy to see a good jobs report on Friday, from 313,000 new jobs to the labor force participation rate climbing back to the 63%.

I was really pleased with the black and Hispanic unemployment rates.  According to news reports, “[a]t 4.9 percent in February, Hispanic unemployment is just a tenth of a percentage point above the historic low.”

Remember the Zogby poll that showed Hispanic support for Trump at 39%.  It makes sense to me that Hispanic support for President Trump would be closely related to job growth.

We remind you that this is one poll, and we need to see a trend.  Nevertheless, 39% is a good number, and remember that Hispanics do more than just talk about immigration.  The media may not believe it, but Hispanics are interested in jobs and other quality-of-life issues.

Looking ahead to 2020, President Trump around 40% with Hispanics means he could carry New Mexico and Nevada, as President Bush did in 2004.  We remember that President Bush won between 40 and 45%, depending on what study you want to believe.

So are we seeing Hispanics react to economic growth the way that everyone else does?  My answer is yes, or at least that’s what I am hearing as I go around and talk to businessmen and workers.

Maybe “la economía” does it for President Trump.

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