Some thoughts about Lopez-Obrador & Mexico

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The latest news from Mexico is thatSr. Lopez-Obrador is increasing his lead and referred to as a “Tropical Messiah“.

As The WSJ wrote today:

“If Mr. López Obrador is sworn in as president—this time for real—it isn’t entirely clear which man will turn up.
Many fear it will be the fervent social activist with an authoritarian streak who sees the country divided in two camps, what he calls a “mafia of the powerful” against Mexico’s “good and honest people.”
Others hope it will be the López Obrador who as Mexico City mayor proved to be a pragmatic manager, joining with telecom magnate Carlos Slim to restore down-at-the-heels neighborhoods.”

Time will tell but it looks likely that LO will be the one sworn in.     I do caution that polls are polls as we learned in the US in 2016!

What does that mean for the people invested in LO’s message?   My guess is that major disenchantment lies ahead and whatever political consequences come with it.

It’s not too late for Mr. Anaya, Mr. Meade & “El Bronco” to consider their options.   It may be good for the country for them to unite and give the Mexican people one real alternative against Mr. LO.

How is Mexico going to react to a Lopez-Obrador victory?   Keep your eyes on the “peso”.   It could erode if LO is elected!

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