Texas AG Ken Paxton should go after Biden, not fellow Republicans

The Paxton impeachment is over and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is back on the job. We kept hearing 14-16 during the vote. The 14 were 12 Democrats and 2 Republicans who voted to convict him, and failed.  The 16 were the Republicans.  It took 21 to convict.

My guess is that once the GOP senators realized that the Democrats would vote together, they would be emboldened. After all, what Republicans senator wanted to go down in history as Number 9 or the 21st vote made the conviction possible? Some of the charges were serious, but the House did rush the whole thing. 

So what happens next?

First, AG Paxton could settle scores and divide the GOP before 2024.  I can understand his anger, but the governor needs those majorities in Austin to be effective in governing. Second, he could go after the Biden administration.  I’m glad that he is leaning in that direction.  At least, that’s what was reported yesterday.   Here is 

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