The 2018 election box score

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The final score for 2018 is finally in.

The Democrats won 40 districts or translated to a 16-seat majority in the House of Representatives, a chamber of 435 members.

Over at the US Senate, the GOP picked up 2 seats and now enjoys a 53-47 majority.

The bottom line is that Trump had a better midterm than Reagan in 1982, Clinton in 1994 & Obama in 2010.  By the way, all 3 were re-elected!

The chief consequences of these results is that Trump will get his judges confirmed!  This is going to be very important if another opening happens in the Supreme Court.

I think that both sides can claim some level of victory.  However, the Democrats face the task of moving from “the resistance” to governing.  Let’s see how they handle that responsibility.

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