The Acosta man at CNN

Frankly, I would not scream “CNN sucks” or give Jim Acosta the finger. I am doing something better and more damaging: I am not watching CNN, even if I get stuck in an airport!

Over the last few days, Jim Acosta is playing the victim card. Unfortunately, he and CNN started this months ago. It’s hard to be taken seriously when your network is one daily gauntlet of anti-Trump voices.

Again, I prefer to turn off CNN rather than waste my time with Jim Acosta or anybody else at that network.

My suggestion to Jim Acosta is to stand back for a few seconds and wonder why people are angry, or more importantly, why they are not watching.

“Doesn’t feel like America”, said Acosta? A network averaging less than 1 million viewers per hour in a nation of 320 million is what does not look America.

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