The Biden gas pump is killing the family budget

What a difference a year makes, especially when it comes to gasoline prices.  Who remembers the good old days?  Let’s drive on Memory Lane with The Washington Examiner:

When Biden took office, the United States had become a net exporter of petroleum products, a remarkable public policy achievement for a nation that had been dependent on foreign oil production for so long. But Biden quickly gave away that economic and strategic advantage. 

For Biden and his environmental extremist allies, consumers must be made to suffer for their fossil fuel consumption sins.

And paying they are.  Which people do you think are suffering more when they fill the tank?  My guess is that the middle- or lower-middle-class family is the one paying for this so-called “environmental sin.”  Wonder how that middle class family feels about paying higher prices to make some activists feel as if they are saving the world from fossil fuels?  They can’t be happy.

So what happens now?  Is President Biden capable of changing course and realizing that he is on the road to a bad election day in 2022?

President Biden could start by reversing the executive orders on the Keystone Pipeline and oil exploration.  It would have a massive impact on producers, who would fill the inventory with oil.  So is Biden capable of doing his version of Palin’s “drill, baby, drill”?

We are where we are because of decisions made by this administration.  Therefore, they are the only ones who can undo or cancel their orders.  If they do, then maybe those pump prices could come back.  If they don’t, then pity any Democrat running in a competitive election in 2022.

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