The Brazilian Trump?

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Down in Brazil, it’s one crazy story after another.

A week ago, the Supreme Court denied former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva an opportunity to run for election from prison.
A day later, the right-center candidate Jair Bolosonaro was stabbed during a campaign stop.

It’s hard to make up stuff like that.

So what happens in a month, when Brazilians vote?

According to NPR, Mr. Bolsonaro may be gaining as he recovers in the hospital.  They call him the Brazilian Trump because of his frank talk about the political class and “fake news”.

I don’t know if he will be elected and become the Brazilian Trump. I do know that Bolsonaro may be touching some real nerves in Brazil, as candidate Trump did in the U.S.

First, corruption is rampant, and the country is fed up with it. In other words, there is a Brazilian Deep State in the corrupt relationship among big business, big labor, and the politicians who write the rules that no one can understand. It’s crony capitalism at its finest!

Second, the economy is in bad shape. The good news is that the economy is finally growing. The bad news is that the GDP is growing at 1%!

Back in 2014, Brazilians were deeply divided on election day.

To be honest, the country is just as divided as it was back in 2014.  Back then, the areas highly dependent on government subsidies voted for the left and the middle class and more prosperous south voted for the right.

Let’s hope there are people fed up with corruption and violence who can change the results.

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