The CNN way: Trump said yes, so we have to say no

The latest episode of Trump Derangement Syndrome comes from CNN. It turns out that they positioned their coverage of the “Lab Leak” to go against President Trump. This is the story:    

In recent days, the theory that COVID originated from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been embraced by FBI Director Christopher Wray and a bombshell report indicated that the U.S. Energy Department believes the virus likely started in the lab, a sentiment expressed by top Trump administration officials nearly from the outset.

But in the early months of the pandemic, then-CNN president Jeff Zucker would not allow his network to chase down the lab-leak story because he believed it was a “Trump talking point,” according to a well-placed CNN insider. 

Yes, President Trump was a racist, or so we heard, for suggesting that it was a leak, intentional or accidental.

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