The coming “pelea de gallos” between Comey & McCade

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It was an amazing week.  It started with an ABC interview, and now Mr. Comey faces a DOJ investigation.  We also learned that Mr. McCabe is facing his own problems.

It won’t be long before McCabe and Comey turn on each other, as Natasha Bertrand wrote:

The growing tension between two frequent targets of President Trump, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and his old boss, former FBI Director James Comey, was laid bare Friday morning.

So here we are.  Trump will benefit greatly from the unfolding Comey vs. McCabe feud.

My guess is that the dam is about to break, and we will be overwhelmed by several unpleasant stories:

  1. We will learn that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign.
  2. We will confirm that Obama officials were unmasking U.S. citizens for partisan purposes.
  3. We will realize that the Clintons were even worse than we imagined, from the foundation to deleting emails.

Stay tuned – and it all started this week, with Comey and McCabe out to save their necks!  These two guys are about to destroy each other, and a fellow named Trump is going to enjoy it a lot.

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