The Cuba deal was about Obama, not to benefit the US or the Cuban people


It was about 22 months ago that President Obama announced a change in US policy toward Cuba.    What do we have for reversing the policy of every president, from John Kennedy to George W Bush?

What did US citizens get out of this?

Will they be compensated for the millions of dollars that the regime stole?    It is estimated at $ 7 billion!   So far the answer is no!

Or will Castro be forced to return the killer of a New Jersey state trooper enjoying life in the island for almost 2 decades?   So far the answer is that they are talking about it!

What did the Cuban people get?  So far nothing!   It’s the same old repression and torture that they’ve had since this corrupt regime took over and destroyed the island.

Indeed, some Americans will get to travel to Cuba and enrich the Castro family.       Overall, this does not look like a good deal for anyone who loves freedom.

The best explanation is at the editorial page of The Washington Post:

If you think the president’s policy will “empower” the fledgling Cuban private sector, as opposed to the overbearing state, think again. Easy money from expensive visas is a relatively minor example of the regime’s so-far successful efforts to reap direct benefit from the new relationship with the United States. Even more important is the fact that the Cuban armed forces own the country’s dominant tourism companies, and those firms are expanding their role in anticipation of an American influx.

Who has benefited?

First, President Obama now has a post presidency story that he can tell anti-US audiences around the world.     He can say that he ended wars, signed a nuclear deal with Iran, closed GITMO and opened relations with Cuba.  It will bring anti-US audiences to their feet but won’t do much to help the US.

Second, the Castro brothers can now remind the world that President Obama is as weak as they come.   In other words, they got everything they wanted without having to make concessions.

What about the Cuban people?   They are now ruled by a dictator who just got a cash infusion from the Obama policy.

What a disgrace like so much of the Obama foreign policy.

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