The Dallas Morning News shocked that Beto is a leftist?

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As you may remember, The Dallas Morning News endorsed Representative O’Rourke on the grounds that we need a change of tone in Washington. In other words, Beto would bring us together!

What has Beto done to bring anyone together? The answer is nothing, as I wrote here.

How can a man who voted for partial abortion, spoke of abolishing ICE, and for socialized medicine, bring anyone together? It sounds to me that Beto was a “party line” representative who never stood up to his leadership.

On Monday, The Dallas Morning News is a bit shocked that their Beto is moving left:

So we were surprised and more than a little perplexed to see that O’Rourke’s first big public action following the midterm elections was to weld himself to one of the leading progressives of his party.

This week, he joined with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren in signing a letter aimed for the desk of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis over the issue of troops on the border.

Are you kidding me? The editorial board at The Dallas Morning News is surprised that a man who voted with Representative Pelosi is now joining forces with Senator Warren?

Can someone check the coffee over at 1954 Commerce Street? Call it the “cult of Beto” going around.

Beto got very sweet treatment. After all, did anyone write a story about his father in law? How can a candidate say that the Trump benefited the wealthy and not a get a question about his father in law?

My guess is that the Beto endorsement resulted in a few subscription cancellations. I can’t prove it but many of my friends did indeed cancel.

In the meantime, skip the coffee the next time they call you in for an interview. You may walk out of the meeting saying that Beto should run for president because only he can bring us together.

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