Cuomo, the Democrat flavor of the week

Can you blame the Democrats? 

They had 20 characters running for president a year ago.  The debates turned into an argument about who could go further to the left.  In the end, former Vice President Joe Biden survived and now a lot of Democrats cringe every time he goes on TV.

Enter Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York.

Let’s be fair and recognize that Gov. Cuomo is facing a major health crisis and I wish him the very best.  Nevertheless, a lot of those “cringing” Democrats want Gov. Cuomo to get in.  They enjoy watching him answering questions and being in charge, the alpha male missing in the party.

Will it happen?   My guess is ‘no’ but I also didn’t think Mr. Trump would be nominated in 2016.

What would Gov, Cuomo bring to the voters?  His record may not play well in the heartland, as Professor Jacobson wrote:    

Anyone who is familiar with Andrew Cuomo knows how horrible a national candidate he would be. He will play well in liberal circles and big cities, but he’s been poison in much of the nation. 

His SAFE Act gun control legislation has led to a revolt by all but one upstate county and is deeply unpopular outside downstate. 

He banned fracking, allowing the Southern Tier of upstate New York to crumble while areas across the border in Pennsylvania to thrive. 

He forced through one of the most aggressive and abusive pro-abortion laws. 

Yes, I can’t wait for Catholic bishops to talk about that abortion law that they were cheering about in Albany.

Once again, we wish Gov. Cuomo the best in dealing with a horrific situation. 

Eventually, the virus will pass and this week’s “flavor” won’t taste that good.

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