The Democrats get silly about threats to democracy

The Democrats are just getting sillier by the minute.  Where are the serious people in the party?   I can’t see too many of them.

The latest is talking about “threats to democracy” and Miami talk radio.  This is from Alex Perez:   

The painful reality for the Latinx set is that Hispanics are, as Ruy Teixeira recently wrote, “a patriotic, upwardly mobile, working-class group with quite practical and down to earth concerns.” Which means they have more in common with working-class Americans of all races than they do with Democratic Party elites. Anti-Americanism, violent riots, and pathological obsessions with racial and gender categorization cut no ice with them. 

Well written, Alex.

The left is attacking Miami talk radio for having strong opinions against the leftist rhetoric.  This is true and anyone who grew up in a Cuban home, as I did, knows that our parents’ generation hated communism and told us how rotten it was every time we got together for dinner.   They lived it.  They remember how socialism destroyed their island and its way of life.   They lived through the rewriting of history in government schools.

Miami talk radio is not a threat to democracy even if the screaming and intensity can burn your car speaker.  Miami talk radio is pro-democracy because everyone from the grandparents still around to the younger generation who have never visited Cuba, knows how the left will eventually destroy dissent by calling every form of it a “threat to democracy.”

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