The embargo had nothing to do with the air crash in Cuba

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It was only a matter of time before the “hate-U.S. crowd” would bring up the embargo as the cause of Cuba’s deadly May 18 air crash.

Well, it’s not true.  Cuba is free to purchase spare parts in the world markets.  How difficult would it be for Cuba to purchase parts for a Boeing 737?   Not very difficult at all.

So what happened?  Why did Cuba allow such an aircraft to operate?

This is  via my good Cuban friends at Babalu:

Shortly thereafter the British magazine The Economist clarified that the US embargo actually allows Cuba to buy aircraft and parts in the US for their maintenance.

Of course, air crashes happen.  In this case, innocent people were put in an aircraft that should have never been in operation.

I understand that there were a few foreigners on that flight.  Why don’t their families file a lawsuit?

Keep all of the garbage about the embargo out of this.  The plane was leased from a Mexican company, so obviously the embargo did not come into play.

Another reason to keep corrupt communist Cuba out of your future travel plans.

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