The last May 1 with a Castro on stage?

As you may know, they take May 1 pretty seriously in Cuba. It is a national holiday, or another excuse to get a bunch of “workers” to show up for a big speech.

In the U.S., workers go to the beach on Labor Day. In Cuba, they get the day off to listen to a speech. It’s been that way since the Castros came to power.

For years, it was a long speech by Fidel Castro. This week, it will was a sobering message from Raul Castro about the recession that the country is in.

May 1, 2017 may also be the last one with a Castro in power, as news agencies are reporting.

But will it be the last one without a Castro running the show?

It may just be a superficial change. In other words, Raul Castro will continue to run the show from his mansion in Eastern Cuba. It’s hard for me to believe that Castro is going to give the keys to “Castro Inc.” to a bunch of people in the party. As we’ve posted, Castro Inc. is a big money enterprise.

Last May 1 without a Castro?   Probably not!

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