The left is loud about some deportations and silent about others!




Over the last few days, we’ve heard a lot of outrage about deportations.    Let me recommend to the raid’s critics that they get informed about the way most countries handle illegal immigration, as Seth Barron wrote:

In virtually any other country, the deportation of aliens who have overstayed their visas or who are working in the underground economy might merit a brief mention in the newspaper.

Deporting aliens who have committed serious crimes is understood in most nations to be a necessary duty of the state, like sanitation or the licensing of medical professionals. Nobody thinks twice about deporting criminals in these countries, and immigration enforcement is an uncontroversial aspect of national life.

Canada — often cited by progressives as a model of civilized multiculturalism — deports aliens at almost twice the rate that the U.S. does. Between 2006 and 2014,
Canadian immigration authorities deported, on average, 35 people per day, or about 13,000 annually.

The United States, with nine times the population of Canada, removed about 65,000 illegal aliens from within the borders of the country in 2016.

Then there is Mexico, the country that leads the league in deportations!    They deported Cubans back to the island without regard for what the Castro dictatorship may do to them.

It is very surprising for me to hear all the outrage from Democrats and their friends in the media, about these raids underway. In many cases, the people being arrested are engaged in criminal behavior while others who have refused to obey a court order.

As Mr. Barron pointed out:

The indignation of activists and progressive politicians about the enforcement of our immigration laws is perhaps predictable, but acquainting themselves with global norms regarding legal migration and deportation might help keep their blood pressure under control.

So how did we get here?  I place the blame for this confusion on the Obama administration and their politicization of immigration laws. It was shameful and a correction is desperately needed!

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