The next big ‘zapato’ to drop for Joe Biden 

You think President Biden has hit bottom? Wait a couple of weeks for the next big “zapato” to drop, which will be the total chaos that the U.S.-Mexico border is about to turn into. According to news reports, there are thousands waiting to come. 

This is from Niall Stanage:    

Immigration is hitting the headlines again — at just the wrong moment for President Biden and his fellow Democrats.

The Wall Street Journal reported late Tuesday that March is set to see the highest number of arrests by the Border Patrol of unauthorized immigrants at the southern border “in at least 22 years.” The Border Patrol “has made approximately 7,000 arrests each day in March,” the Journal reported, citing preliminary government data it had acquired.  

Unauthorized crossings at the southern border soared to the highest level in decades last summer, with more than 200,000 encounters being recorded by the Border Patrol in both July and August.

Seven thousand arrests each day? I was never a mathematics kind of guy in school but that’s 291 an hour! Beyond the number, imagine the pressure we are putting on the men and women working the border. Then there is the issue of Title 42 or what the Trump administration used to limit illegal entry based on COVID. Apparently Title 42 will soon be history and open the door to more and more people. Take it from me, the border mess will be the straw that breaks the back of the Biden administration.   

This country, especially people like me who came here legally and are now naturalized citizens, are angry with the lawlessness.  Voters in the U.S. want their border respected.  The Biden administration does not.   

What could go wrong? A lot, such as a big “zapato” dropping on the White House soon.

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