The Russia story: “La bola pica y se extiende”

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Over the next few weeks, we will learn why so many Democrats wanted to destroy or derail the Trump presidency.  It had nothing to do with ideology or liberal versus conservative ideas or tax plans or foreign policy.  It had everything to do with covering up what the Obama administration did to protect Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

The counterattack is led by Attorney General William Barr, and a lot of information that will make the “Trump-Russia story” look like a G-rated movie.

As Andrew McCarthy wrote, the next move will come soon:

The coming weeks will expose the true genesis of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation — and just how it is tied to some of the highest Obama-era officials, according to former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy.

McCarthy made the ominous prediction on Fox News host Bill Hemmer’s “Hemmer Time” podcast and said he expects the answer to what really spurred the investigation to be revealed when the Department of Justice’s Inspector General releases his much-anticipated report.

“We’re going to start getting the answers in the next four to six weeks when we can expect that Inspector General [Michael] Horowitz’s reports are going to start flowing out,” McCarthy told Hemmer.

We will wait for such a report. My guess is that the report won’t make a lot of people look good and some could be looking criminal.

All this is about to boomerang on the Democrats because they couldn’t accept the 2016 election results.  They had to find excuses for Hillary Clinton’s loss, from Russia to “they stole the election” to whatever.

In other words, they put the country through two years of hell just because Hillary Clinton could not accept that voters turned on President Obama.

Well, be careful what you wish for, because you may get it, as the expression goes.  The Democrats are about to get it, and they won’t like it.

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