The scary part is the students fell for it

Some time ago, President Biden announced an executive order aimed at helping students with college debt, promising $10,000 in debt relief from federal student loans for most and $20,000 in debt relief from the poorest recipients who qualified for Pell grants.  It was “Pandering 101” and really aimed at getting college students to vote Democrat ahead of the midterms.  

What else was it?  Well, it worked, and the young voted for Uncle Joe and his loan forgiving ideas.  They probably saved the U.S. Senate for the Democrats and cut losses in the House. It was a brilliant political move, reminiscent of President Obama’s DACA executive order in the summer of 2012.   It energized the intended voters, and a judge stopped it eventually.    

My guess is that both presidents knew that a judge would stop it but they got the desired electoral results from it.

What amazed me is that so many university students and recent graduates fell for this in 2022.  Don’t they teach the U.S. Constitution anymore in school, or is that in the section of documents written by dead white guys?  I wasn’t the world’s smartest guy on constitutional law but I would have laughed at the suggestion that a president could forgive a loan.   Well, that was then, and this is now.  Too many students today actually believed it and that scares the heck out of me.  What else do these people believe?  

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