The U.S. must hold Cuba responsible for exposing U.S. diplomats to harm

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The “who was responsible” for the sonic attacks against the U.S. Havana embassy is now focusing on Russia.

In previous posts, I suggested that it was either an inside job to force a confrontation with President Trump or an act by a hostile power like Russia or North Korea.

According to this NBC report, it’s Russia.

Well, so do we wait for the smoking gun with Russian fingerprints?

My answer is no!

Cuba has a responsibility to protect diplomats. The U.S. protects Cuban diplomats in Washington, D.C.

Cuba failed in this case, whether it was North Korea or Russia or an inside job. The U.S. must ultimately hold Cuba responsible for exposing U.S. diplomats to harm.

The big question is: did Raul Castro know? If he didn’t, then he has a lot less control of the island than he thinks he does. On the other hand, all of my Cuban friends do not believe that something this big could have happened without Raul Castro’s knowledge.

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