Too early for Trump to get in

Back in 1975, a man from Georgia decided to run for president.  In fact, I remember watching him on a morning local show on Channel 5 in Washington, D.C.  Nobody knew him.  He seemed like a long shot.

Jimmy Carter’s #1 job was to let people know who he was.  So he started early; accepted every TV or radio invitation interview; spoke at the Rotary Club, the women’s clubs, and every other place that needled a speaker.  It was “get to know Jimmy time,” and it got him to the primary debates.  The rest, and President Ford’s debate comment about Poland, is history.

President Trump is in a different place.  Everybody knows him.  In fact, I’d argue that he suffers from a case of self-inflicted saturation.  I have not seen such a case of saturation since The Bee Gees and “Stayin’ Alive” on the radio.

Who thought it was a good idea to jump in two years before people vote in 2024?  I don’t get it.

Why not leave President Biden on the front pages for the next nine months?  By all accounts, the U.S. economy won’t be helping the current president.  The contentious issues are not going away, from the border mess the cost of energy.  The crazy left won’t let up on the Democrats.  Foreign policy is a mess.

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