Trudeau “tiene problemas”

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As I told a Canadian friend months ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is sort of the Canadian Obama, i.e. a pretty face and fancy phrases, but a wrecking ball politically.

In simple numbers, President Obama left his party in their worst electoral shape since the 1920’s.  Don’t be surprised if PM Trudeau’s policies put the conservatives back in power up north:  “Polls give Justin Trudeau’s Liberals little to celebrate this Canada Day.“!

Up in Canada, the political landscape is suddenly changing on immigration, as we see in this report:

The issue has the Canadian prime minister caught between demands for tighter security and his own pledge of open arms.

The controversy has ramped up in recent weeks, in part because of Ontario’s election of a conservative government led by populist Doug Ford.

He and two other premiers have called on Trudeau to act, and a political sparring match is underway over what values are more Canadian: welcoming refugees, even those arriving illegally, or securing the border?

Reality always has a way of checkmating liberalism, doesn’t it? A recent poll found that 53% of Canadians thought the country was too generous to those who cross the border illegally.

As expected, PM Trudeau responded with the Obama “straw-man” tactics. He claims that some Canadians are putting Canadians against each other. In the tradition of President Obama, he does not identify who is actually dividing Canadians.

What we are seeing in Europe, the U.S., and now Canada is common sense, not anti-immigrant attitudes. Everyone understands the economic benefits of orderly immigration or people who bring special skills to the country.  However, “Anyone walking into your country” is not sensible immigration.

What we are seeing is people in Austria, Australia, Rome, and now Ontario, standing up against open borders that invite people who may or may not contribute to your country.

In the case of Canada, the situation is more profound because of their pathetic birth rates, or 1.6 per woman.

So PM Trudeau is in trouble, and he does not appear to have a Canadian news media in the tank for him like we saw down here for President Obama.

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