Trump in 2020: Like Truman in 1948?

This is a good time to remember the anniversary of Truman vs. Dewey, the biggest upset in presidential election history.  Or should I say the biggest upset until Trump in 2016?

On Election Day 1948, most experts picked Governor Thomas Dewey of New York over President Harry Truman.  It turned out to be different.  Let’s see if this sounds familiar:

He traveled to America’s cities and towns, fighting to win over undecided voters by portraying himself as an outsider contending with a “do-nothing” Congress. 

It was a shock, an upset!  I’ve heard stories that people went to bed thinking it was over and woke up to the shocking news. The Chicago Tribune was so certain it went to print with the headline: Dewey Defeats Truman.”  It produced one of the greatest photos of the 20th century.

What is the lesson of 1948?  I see a few: First, wait until all of the votes are counted.  It sounds silly, but it’s true. Second, there is something about a man who works hard and goes from rally to rally asking people for their votes.  I admire that.

Will it happen? Yes.  I do believe the American voters will deliver the biggest surprise in this year of surprises.

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