Trump ‘el coco’

Liz Cheney lost her re-election bid and everybody expected that. Now, she moves on to stop Donald Trump, the dangerous man, from getting near the Oval Office in 2024.  

Cheney beat herself in 2022.  She did it by aligning with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and participating in a sham of a January 6 investigation.  My guess is that she would won the primary by telling Speaker Pelosi that she’d not play the role of the “useful GOP idiot” in the committee.  But Liz Cheney made her bed and lots of the folks in Wyoming did not want to share it with her.  All politics is local and the locals in Wyoming don’t like Pelosi.

So is Donald Trump the dangerous man of 2022? I am old enough to remember when Liz’s new “D” friends, and many in the media, gave that title to her father. We remember the Huff Post a few years ago:    

Dick Cheney is a danger to himself and all around him. He is a cancer on the White House. Whether he succeeds or not in starting the horrific wars he champions, it is a startling fact that he is even trying. The fact that he has any chance at all to succeed and is the second most powerful man in the country easily makes him the most dangerous man in the world.

Back in 2006, the left was concerned that the dangerous Mr. Cheney would start a war with Iran.  They wanted to negotiate with Iran.  Well, we did not start a war with Iran but how did that Iran nuclear deal work out?  I don’t think that the country was ready for a third war in 2006 but the threat from Iran has not improved.  So VP Cheney’s instincts were correct, but it was bad timing with a tough war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They even made a movie about Liz’s father.  

This was the plot:   

“With his formidable wife Lynne by his side, Dick Cheney gains power and shrewdly manipulates the U.S. vice presidency with explosive global consequences.”

Some of Liz’ new friends disputed her father’s election and did not want to certify the Bush-Cheney victory of 2004.   They called him “illegitimate.” And let’s not forget that he shot a friend during a vacation.   

So the torch has been passed to a new dangerous man.  It was Cheney, and now it’s Trump.  And most of the country couldn’t care less because “Enemy #1” is that eggs and milk are priced through the roof.

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