Trump should debate Pelosi

We heard that Speaker Pelosi does not want Mr. Biden to debate President Trump.

God only knows why Speaker Pelosi said that.  Maybe she is afraid of putting the fragile Mr. Biden against the more dynamic President Trump.  Maybe this is a trick to get Mr. Biden to say that he is not afraid of debating.  Maybe she is just trying to feed the crazy left a bit disillusioned with Mr. Biden.

So President Trump should offer to debate Speaker Pelosi.  It would actually be interesting to see Pelosi make her case, or to argue on behalf of all of the legislation they’ve passed that stalled in the U.S. Senate.  Maybe President Trump can ask the speaker to opine on Sister Dede’s speech against abortion

Nevertheless, President Trump should call on Mr. Biden to let the speaker take his place and watch the debate from the basement.

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