Trump to allies: ‘Toma chocolate, paga lo que debes’

Who knew that La Orquesta Aragon and US foreign policy come together today?

President Trump has a message to the allies: “Trump sent letters to NATO allies demanding increased defense spending!”

Here is the story:

President Donald Trump sent letters to the leaders of NATO allies, including Germany, Belgium, Norway and Canada, demanding that they increase their defense spending and threatening to alter the US global military presence if they do not, according to a report in the New York Times on Monday.

The letters were sent last month, according to the Times, before a NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, next week.

A source familiar with the letters confirmed their existence to CNN but did not confirm the language in them. A separate diplomatic source briefed on the letters described them as “very tough” and said they requested more defense spending and warned the US was losing patience.

This is not a new issue. From President Truman to President Obama, US leaders have complained about our allies failing to meet their commitments. Nevertheless, it’s good to see that President Trump has put the issue on the front pages.

It’s a winning issue for President Trump. He is simply calling on our allies who appreciate the cost of defending them.

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