Trump year 1 is quite a success

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As you probably remember, I did not support Donald Trump in the primaries.   In fact, I voted for Senator Rubio in the Texas primary.

Nevertheless, we look back at 2017 and see some important accomplishments for President Trump:

  • Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch, a magnificent choice;
  • Filling the courts with young conservative justices who will defend the US Constitution;
  • A more realistic attitude toward Iran and for sure Cuba;
  • Tax reform, the first one since 1986;
  • The elimination of the Obama Care penalty….it will kill the program because no one now is required to buy insurance;
  • GDP growth of 3% and moving to 4%;
  • ISIS crushed in the sands of Iraq; and last but not least,
  • The Supreme Court supported the travel ban.

There is a lot more to do but this is a great start!

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