The United Nations 72 years later and not much to celebrate

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The US Senate approved US participation in the UN on this day in 1945.

My guess is that world leaders had high expectations for the organization.  Unfortunately, the UN has been a total disappointment.

Over the decades, the UN has been a dysfunctional and very corrupt place.

A few years ago, Tom DeWeese pointed out the truth:

“The UN gives validity to zealots and bigots.

It helps to keep tyrannical dictators in power.

It gives a voice to international terrorists.

Delay. Negotiate. Recommend. Study. Reconsider. Do nothing.

This is the game the UN has played in nearly every international crisis.

It’s time for the US and other democracies to start fresh. The current UN makes no sense.

The UN is bad.  It is horrible. The UN has turned into a gallery shouting anti-US and anti-Israel rants.

Let’s look at the UN Human Rights Commission. According to UN rules, a seat on the commission is open to any country, such as human rights violators Cuba, North Korea or Iran.

Cuba sitting on a human rights commission?   Do you need any more evidence?

Needless to say, the US has a lot of leverage.  Without the US funding, or about 22% of the total budget, the UN offices would be closed for lack of money to pay rent or utilities.

So say “happy # 72” and stop funding the UN!

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