Is this what we got for 18 months of “serious discussions” with Cuba?

My friend Jorge Ponce brought this to my attention in today’s show.

Additionally, we just saw this from ABC:

“Cuban President Raul Castro demanded on Wednesday that the United States return the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, lift the half-century trade embargo on Cuba and compensate his country for damages before the two nations re-establish normal relations.

Castro told a summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States that Cuba and the U.S. are working toward full diplomatic relations but “if these problems aren’t resolved, this diplomatic rapprochement wouldn’t make any sense.””

Of course, none of this is a shock to those of us who know about the Castros and their criminal enterprises.

Raul Castro smells a weak President Obama and he will push and push and push to get what he wants.

I do have a question for President Obama:   What exactly did the US and Cuba delegations talk about for 18 months?   Did it occur to anyone that maybe we should discuss outstanding issues like the investments of US citizens in Cuba or the fugitives of US law living in the island?   What’s the point of these talks?

As I mentioned earlier, the US team walked into these negotiations without a clue.   Worse than that, they look naive doing business with a thug  like Raul Castro.