Hey Raul My ear hurts!

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Wonder what President Obama is thinking of his pal Raul who did the wave with him at a baseball game in the spring of 2016?

“Why did you do it, Raul?” must be the question that Obama must be screaming to himself as he goes from resort to Wall Street enjoying his retirement.

We understand that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is considering closing the U.S. embassy in Havana.

This is what he said:

“We have it under evaluation,” Tillerson said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

A group of five Republican senators wrote to Tillerson, requesting the US declare Cuban diplomats unwelcome and shutter the embassy in Cuba, which the US opened near the end of former President Barack Obama’s second term.

US government officials have said State Department employees in the Havana embassy were subject to mysterious “acoustic” attacks that led to serious health problems.

Frankly, we are still looking into the incident. No one really knows what happened. Nevertheless, we do know that U.S. diplomats were targeted and that it happened in Cuba.


The answer is obvious. We can’t put U.S. diplomats at risk.

The Cuban government has a responsibility to protect diplomats, even if they had nothing to do with this “sonic attack”. Furthermore, we should demand Cuba to expel diplomats, or even break diplomatic relations, with any country behind this attack. I continue to say that North Korea, a country very friendly to Cuba, was behind it.   After all, isn’t this the country that just fired another missile over Japan?

I was not in favor of opening the embassy in the first place. I saw it as a “one way street” that would do nothing for the Cuban people, U.S. interests but would legitimize and strengthen the Castro regime.

We may be closing the embassy soon and putting the Cuban regime back in the list of pariah nations. Another “delete” in the Obama record!

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