“Not Guilty” in a Court of Law … “Guilty” in the Media and the Street


Saturday night the jury, after 3 weeks of trial testimony and 11 hours over 2 days of deliberation, found George Zimmerman “Not Guilty” in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Late in the afternoon the jury sent a question to the trial’s Judge Nelson, for clarification on the ‘manslaughter’ charge. The media, who had set aside all other news, to be sure, since the jury was handed the case began the back and forth speculation over what said jury was contemplating. Even their request of the judge had the judge and both sides of the case wanting clarification of the jury’s query of the charge. It was a good chance the jury had easily discarded the second degree murder charge regarding the evidence (or lack there of) relating to Zimmerman’s actions that night, and were seriously examining the evidence’s relationship to manslaughter qualifications as read to them from the 27 pages by Judge Nelson. After a short couple hours more the courtroom filled with everyone involved in the controversial trial to hear the final verdict. The prosecution’s charges against George Zimmerman did not fit, so they must acquit. So let it be written. So let it be done.

The jury in the George Zimmerman trial sat for three weeks through the weak and vague evidence of the prosecution against George Zimmerman. They will discover, as they get caught-up on the outside news after being released from sequestration last night, the prosecution finagled a manslaughter option at the last minute when they had to face the fact they had no 2nd degree murder case against Zimmerman and hoped to play on the all-women jury’s emotions so they would settle on a compromise of manslaughter … cutting the baby in half. I would love to hear the jury members’ reactions when they realize the prosecution had even tried to get presiding Florida Circuit Court Judge Debra Nelson to allow a 3rd degree murder and child abuse option. Nobody can tell if any members of the Zimmerman murder trial jury will come forward for television interviews. They are not obligated to. Given the rage and death threats in the street over Zimmerman’s acquittal nobody can blame any of the 6 female jurors if they wish to protect themselves and their families by remaining anonymous. But you have to wonder if the identities of these six jurors will be safely kept, considering this media’s ability to bribe and poke until a leak is flowing.

Ahhh … The American mainstream media…

It has to be noted who was directly responsible for spinning this case from the start. It was the MSM. Even George Zimmerman’s defense attorney took the MSM to task, and in their face, in the post-verdict press conference. They clearly had an agenda every step of the trial in painting a half Hispanic man as “white” to spin Zimmerman with a racial/racist motive, and portraying his actions that night as against the law … from leaving his vehicle – to following Trayvon through his own gated community – to legally owning and carrying a gun – to defending himself when he was being physically attacked. While the prosecution kept bringing up these details in the trial the perception being presented, also by the media, was that Zimmerman had broken laws all through that tragic night through his actions. While they might have been unwise, they were not illegal.

The fallout from this trial will be the manipulation by mob rule in even forcing the state of Florida to take the case away from local authorities and take it to trial. Yes, mob rule. The demonstrations (and death threats) from the professional race-baiters, the complicit media, and even the interloping of Obama and some democrats in the Congress. All of this designed, encouraged, and fueled by the MSM to make that horrible night into something it was not.

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