Vicente Fox’s new life as “anti-Trumpista numero uno”



For our readers who don’t remember, Vicente Fox was the man who broke the PRI’s one party 60-plus years domination of Mexico’s politics.   He won the presidency as PAN’s nominee in 2000.   For the record, I supported him and had high hopes for his presidency.

Today, Vicente Fox is a former president looking for a little fame and fortune in all the wrong places.   He has appointed himself as Mexico’s “Anti-Trumpista”.

Today, Mr. Fox put more “gasolina” in the fire:

A “so-called” President is calling a real President and true leader: bad and sick guy. What a shame, America you need to do something now!

.@realDonaldTrump is more aware of what happens in reality TV than his own country. He’s a very bad apprentice of politics!

Mr. Trump needs to go back to retirement and stop this needless intervention in US politics for two reasons:

  1. Nobody cares what he has to say, here and specially down in Mexico;
  2. Why is a former president of Mexico sticking his nose in US politics?   Wonder how Mexicans would react if a former US president spoke about domestic matters south of the border?

Move on Vicente.    You had your time and nobody wants to see you on the stage any longer.

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