Cubans in ‘el exilio’ and watching Ed Sullivan with my parents

Back in those early days of “el exilio,” our family sat down to watch TV and learn some English. One of our favorites was The Ed Sullivan Show.  As my mother often said: “Este show tiene algo para todo el mundo,” or her way of saying that the show had a lot of variety. On this day in 1971, The Ed Sullivan said goodnight for the last time.

From 1948 to 1971, Ed Sullivan presented the biggest acts in show business, from opera to comedy to Elvis and The Beatles. Sullivan didn’t say much. His presentations were short but millions tuned in to see his shows.

The show’s greatest audience was on February 9, 1964: 73 million tuned in to catch The Beatles and things were never the same!

Sullivan died in 1974. We remember him as a genius of variety TV, shows we sorely miss!

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