Watching my Cuban father struggle with Johnny Carson’s jokes

Johnny Carson made his debut on The Tonight Show this week in 1962. It went on until May ’92 when Carson retired. 

Back in our early days in Wisconsin, I would sit down with my father to catch Carson’s famous monologue. He would watch, hear the “punch line,” and look a little puzzled when the audience was laughing. 

Later, my father confessed that he had difficulties getting English jokes. Then he quickly added that our American friends would probably say the same thing about Alvarez-Guedes’ jokes.

Over 30 years, Carson had a way of addressing our political issues with humor and incredible timing. He made politics fun, especially when he would poke fun at both sides with great lines. 

Do we have someone like that today? Not really. Too much politics these days in late night comedy.

There are other comedians, but I just don’t stay up to watch any of them anymore. Dennis Miller on The O’Reilly Factor was great, but that’s over. 

Where is Johnny when we really need him? 

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