What a shock: Nobody watched the Emmys

The numbers are in and the folks running the Emmys have a CNN problem. This is from Variety:    

The Nielsen data for the 2022 Emmys on NBC is in and its not looking good for TV’s biggest night.

The awards show was down 25% from last year in total viewers and hit a new record low in ratings.

On Monday, the Kenan Thompson-hosted 74th Emmy Awards had a 1.0 rating among adults 18-49, the lowest-ever key demo stat for the Emmys. 

The previous record low was set by the 2020 show, which aired on ABC, and settled for a 1.3 rating. The following year, the Emmys rebounded to a 1.9.

Last night’s show drew 5.9 million total viewers compared with last year’s outing on CBS, which netted 7.9 million. That’s a new low and in stark contrast to the 2021 show, which marked a reversal in the Emmys’ steady decline in audience size. 

Last year’s Emmys saw a 16% gain of viewership over 2020’s historic drop-off of 12% with 6.37 million viewers.

Yes — maybe they should talk to CNN and see what happens when you are boring and predictably leftist.  

Once upon a time, people like me watched these shows to celebrate artistic accomplishments.  We admired the work and the artists.  It’s sort of like the way we admire a quarterback like Tom Brady or pitcher like Clayton Kershaw who dominates batters.  We loved to see excellence in whatever they excel in. Then someone convinced the industry that people wanted to hear their political opinions, coincidentally always to the left.  Then someone persuaded the industry that people wanted “diversity” or “virtue signaling” here there and everywhere.

So the public clicked to another channel or just turned it off.  One way or another, they are not watching.  Of course, the bean counters are terrified.  They have to explain the situation to the people who bought advertising time on the hope that someone would watch the show.

Moral of the story:  Give us a good play or show and do the politics on your own time.  You may find that people like me will tune in to see who won this or that.  

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