The meteorite that hit Cuba: What would Alvarez-Guedes say?

Let me confess my two reactions to the story from Cuba:

First, a little surprise or shock:   

Residents and tourists in the town of Vinales in western Cuba say they saw a flare pass through the sky and heard an explosion in what state media say may have been a meteorite.

The ball of fire and smoke trails appeared in a clear midday sky Friday, residents said there was a rain of small black stones that did not cause any material or human damage in Vinales in Pinar del Rio province. People said they also heard explosions in Havana.

Second, what would Alvarez-Guedes say about this? 

It’s been a strange year down in the island, from “crickets gone wild” to now a “meteorite” in Pinar Del Rio.   

What’s next?  “El dia que se cayo Raul” to paraphrase Alvarez-Guedes!

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