What would Casey Stengel say about the Biden presidency? 

Biden’s presidency reminds me of that great Casey Stengel quote about losing:  

“Been in this game one-hundred years, but I see new ways to lose ’em I never knew existed before.”

Casey was probably talking about his 1962 New York Mets, the expansion team that lost 120 games.  Nobody expected them to win and the nation’s economy or national security was not at stake at the old Polo Grounds.  It was baseball, even if it was not very good baseball.

I think that many people, including me, expected Biden to do a lot better than what we are watching on a daily basis.  It’s a mess when your press secretary has to say that she did not listen to your Naval Academy speech.  By the way, this is the speech in which Biden claimed having been appointed but the dates don’t make sense. 

Then we read later that President Biden is frustrated about his staff correcting him all of the time. Wonder how frustrated the staff must be?

What we are watching is a presidency in collapse, even if there is nothing that the nation can do about it.  I agree with Michael Goodwin:   

He sounds like a lonely man. And a very confused one. 

Biden’s no Washington rookie and you would think that somewhere in his nearly 50 years in government, he would have realized that no president has succeeded by whining and feeling sorry for himself. If you want a pity party, stay out of politics.

A mess.  It makes me wonder how many times recently Biden has turned to Jill and said:  “We  should have stayed in Delaware.”

Biden has himself to blame.  He surrounded himself with a bunch of people who just wanted to delete everything with Trump’s name on it.  They misunderstood the election.  There was no Biden landslide or even comfortable victory.   It was a hard-fought campaign that called for someone to heal rather divide the nation even further.

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