Who put the 1979 calendar on the wall?

After a couple weeks off to say goodbye to our 92-year-old mother, it sure feels like it’s 1979 all over again.  I saw gas lines on the East Coast, and I have not experienced those since every song on the radio was a disco arrangement.  All we need is for a local Chicago DJ to stage a promotion at Comiskey Park to burn disco LP’s.  

How did go from 2021 to 1979 so quickly?  Well, as we see in this report:   

The gas shortage was just one crisis the Biden administration was forced to confront, though. 

Less than one week after a devastating jobs report, the U.S. Labor Department revealed that the prices of basic goods and services spiked 0.8% in April alone. That’s the largest monthly increase the country has experienced in more than a decade.These crises prompted House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., to say that Biden is “well on his way to creating another Jimmy Carter economy.”

President Biden may soon make President Carter look good.  Who knew that it would take 42 years for another Democrat to displace the nice man from Plains, Georgia as the worst president of our lifetimes?  To be fair, #39 had some bad luck whereas #46 is just totally incompetent.

Why is all of this happening?  Well, if you unconditionally open the border then people will come.  Erase the border and the word will get out that there are no borders to respect.  

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.  When did anyone say this:  “Vote for me and I’ll let 100,000 people walk into the country”?  All we heard is that they were going to be more humane.  Really?  It’s humane to create a people-smuggling business for criminal elements south of the border?  Who called it a “Good neighbor policy” to turn Mexico into a Internacional pathway to the US?  Did anybody tell the Mexicans?  The Mexicans I talk to don’t like it one bit.

Cancel a pipeline and demonize fossil fuels and you will see gasoline prices go up.  The increase in gasoline prices is turning into higher food prices, too.  All of those trucks delivering foodstuffs and others run on gasoline not green energy.

On the foreign front, show weakness and Iran will give terrorists lots of rockets to shoot at Israel or China will seriously look at taking back Taiwan.  

It’s all frightening and reminiscent of another time when things got worse before they got better.

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