Why doesn’t Joe Biden denounce the radical left?

Fox News contributor Leslie Marshall is worried that the GOP is painting a false image of Joe Biden.  This is what she wrote:    

Under the Republicans’ nightmare scenario, America under President Biden would be a nation where no one is be safe from dangerous criminals, the federal government would wage war on religion and God, our economy would be destroyed, taxes would go sky high, and we’d all be living in darkened homes because fossil fuels would be made illegal.   

The Republican caricature of Biden and the Democrats is so extreme and detached from reality that it could pass for a sketch on “Saturday Night Live” or a story In the satirical news site The Onion.

Okay then, call on Blden to explain or clarify himself.  Unfortunately for Biden, many of our citizens are not safe in cities run by Democrats, some governors from his party did not want people in churches, but it was okay to march or protest, and then there is Green New Deal that he supports.

Biden should give a speech and clear the air.  Tell us where he actually stands on abortion and late-term abortion.  He can explain how he’d handle the violence in Portland, Chicago, and Kenosha.  

I agree with Leslie that Joe Biden is not some crazy lefty.  At the same time, he has not distanced himself from his party’s left wing and has selected a running mate who is ultra liberal.  He could have selected a different person and send a message that he is from the center rather than the left.  He could have addressed the violence in our cities in his speech but did not.

So don’t blame voters if they look at 2020 Biden and see a leftist.

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