Why don’t they enforce the laws already on the books? 


It happens every time.  First, a terrible shooting. Then the Democrats start blaming guns. Unfortunately, the media falls for the anti-gun narrative too. As we learned from Professor Johnathan Turley, there are lots of laws on Chicago’s books already. This is from his article:   

What is interesting is that this is a state with some of the most stringent gun laws in the country. 

That includes a red flag law, a waiting period for gun purchases, background checks, gun owner licensing, domestic violence gun laws, and “open carry regulations.” 

This and other counties have “assault weapons” bans.

According to the mayor, this weapon was “legally obtained.”

How did that happen? How can a young man who posted praise of mass shootings on social media buy a gun? Why wasn’t the alleged killer stopped by red flag laws?  It’s a great question because the same thing happened in Buffalo, New York, where red flag laws did not pick it up either.

The media should ask the Democrats running these areas a simple question: Why are you so good at calling for new laws and so bad at enforcing the ones you have on the books?

Furthermore, it’s time to hold some of these social media sites responsible for not removing this material within a reasonable time.  They should alert the police and put the account on hold. Post something about the 2020 election and you will be shut down in a heartbeat, but post something about killing people and it gets filed under “creative writing.”

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