Honduras 1, Zelaya 0

On Sunday, the people of Honduras voted to reject Mrs Zelaya, who was nothing but a front for Mr Zelaya.

The public knows that Zelaya was a disaster, as The Washington Post pointed out:

“Beset by some of the worst poverty and crime in the Western Hemisphere, Honduran voters had many reasons to reject the Zelayas — starting with the ongoing disaster in the country the couple held up as a model, Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela.

And then there is Mr. Zelaya’s record: As president four years ago, he attempted to stage an illegal referendum so as to gain a second term, which provoked his equally illegal ouster by the military.

Honduras had to spend a lot of precious time re instituting democracy and regaining full membership in the Organization of American States when what it really needed was an all-out national effort against rampant crime and corruption.”

Honduras has a lot of problems, from poverty to the violence related to cartels.   However,  we congratulate the people of Honduras for refusing to buy into another round of Zelaya, or a disciple of Chavez.