Cuban woman left homeless after her building in Havana collapses

A Cuban woman is lucky to be alive after the building she lived in located in Havana collapsed due to decades of corruption and neglect by the communist Castro dictatorship. Now, due to the housing crisis affecting the entire island, the poor woman has been left homeless and with the realization that no one in the regime cares about her fate. This is socialism in action.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuban woman loses her home after her building in Old Havana collapses: ‘No one cares about this’

A Cuban woman has been left homeless after her building in Old Havana collapsed on Sunday.

The woman recorded a video showing the remains of her home, where she was pulled out of the wreckage by firefighters.

Debris, plastic water tanks, window frames, and cables filled the place and was laid bare.

“I’m left without a home, but it doesn’t matter, keep calm, it’s a lie that the revolution doesn’t forsake anyone, it’s a lie,” she said with irony.

The collapse happened on Empedrado street between Aguacate and Compostela. According to the victim, the building had been in danger of collapse for a while, as confirmed by the propped up neighboring roofs.

It appears the building completely collapsed due to bad weather this past weekend, with the western part of the country experiencing extreme storms.

“This is how it is, no one cares. No one, no one cares about this. Everything collapsed, everything collapsed,” the woman said, concluding her video, which was shared on the Facebook page of Claudia Echevarria Guerra.

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