Cuban dictatorship invites Putin for state visit

I pay visit soon to favorite new colony. For Cuba only I arrive by shark. Very special.

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neocolonialism

No surprise here. After selling Cuba to Grand Putinia, the oligarchs of Castro, Inc. are eager to receive a visit from their new colonial master, Czar Vlad the Invader.

How many nations on earth would welcome a visit from the monster responsible for the war in Ukraine? Not many, for sure.

Tres Fotutos is waiting for the inevitable to happen: A high number of Cuban troops being deployed to Ukraine. Why else would Castro, Inc. suddenly enact a new law that threatens draft-dodgers with long prison terms? (see post below)

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Russia’s ambassador to Cuba said President Vladimir Putin had an invitation to visit the Communist-run island but that it was too early to talk about preparations for such a trip, the state RIA news agency said.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) has an invitation, but I don’t know how his plans will be lined up,” Ambassador Viktor Koronelli told RIA. “The president of Cuba was in Moscow not long ago, in November of last year, so no real time has passed.”

Longtime political allies Cuba and Russia – both subject to U.S. sanctions – have increased economic ties by facilitating trade and investment to circumvent those restrictions.

Cuba had welcomed 66,000 tourists from Russia so far this year and Aeroflot’s resumption of regular flights would probably mean a total of 100,000 Russian tourists visit the islands in 2023, Koronelli said.

When he met Putin in 2022, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel passed the Kremlin chief a personal greeting from Cuba’s former leader Raul Castro and condemned the West’s sanctions on Russia.

“I would like to say again that Russia can always rely on Cuba, all our aspirations and will,” he told Putin, according to a Kremlin transcript. “We will continue to do everything to ensure that our relations continue to grow and strengthen.”