Recruitment of Cuban mercenaries for Russia’s war against Ukraine has not stopped

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So, maybe you thought the whole Cuban-mercenaries-in-Ukraine thing had ended?

Take another look at the situation. Nothing seems to have changed. And what is being disclosed through hacking could be a mere fragment of the total story.

In other words, no one knows for sure how many young Cubans are being sent to the front lines in Ukraine, but there is abundant proof that the flow of mercenaries has NOT stopped simply because its existence was revealed a few weeks ago. Castro, Inc. and Grand Putinia are still in cahoots, sending mercenaries to Ukraine, despite all of their loud denials

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Ukrainian computer hackers from the Cyber Resistance group revealed evidence of the hiring of more Cuban mercenaries by the Russian Armed Forces in the war against Ukraine, reported the media specialized in that conflict Inforn Napalm.

This site noted that the new evidence “refutes the statements of the Cuban authorities about the ‘blockade’ of the mercenary supply channel to Russia.”

According to data provided by Cyber Resistance to InformNapalm, Cubans continue to sign contracts with Moscow to enroll in the invasion of Ukraine. It was this medium that exposed the identity of 200 Cuban mercenaries recruited into the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces by the military commissar of Tula, Anton Perevozchikov.

Now, Cyber Resistance has obtained new photographs of the passports of at least 59 more Cubans who arrived in the Russian city of Tula between August 25 and September 29 to sign a contract. At least 11 of them passed through the Tula military registration and enlistment office, this after the Cuban authorities announced the arrest of participants in the scheme and the cessation of the mercenary supply channel.

Although some of the new mercenaries did not come from Cuba when they placed themselves under the orders of Moscow, the case of young Yasser Alejandro Paneque López demonstrates that Cuba still does not prevent the flow of mercenaries that arrive in Russia to sign contracts with that country’s Army. . This 19-year-old man from Havana published on September 21 on his Instagram page the ticket for flight number 556 on the Varadero-Moscow route of the Russian airline Nordwind Airlines. Aeroflot and Nordwind aircraft have been flying regularly on this route since July 2023.

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